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Sterling Service (Battoo Bros.) Ltd was established in 1947. At present, the company holds dealerships for Mercedes-Benz Passenger and Commercial Vehicles and Caio Induscar (Bus Body manufacturer).


Sterling is a wholly owned subsidiary of Battoo Bros. Limited, a family owned company which was incorporated in 1940. The Battoo Group of companies has been in operation since 1928. Sterling over the years has had dealerships from American motors, Porsche, Skoda, Ssangyong and Fiat. To date, the franchise profile has changed to Mercedes-Benz and Caio Induscar.


The Mercedes-Benz dealership was established in 1958 with Sterling having the responsibility for the Passenger car, and Commercial lines. Our commercial vehicles are designed to maximize total operational value for our public and private sector customers. The ever changing technology in this brand has meant the company has had to continue to invest in training and equipment to continue to service clientele.

In 1995 Sterling acquired the Skoda dealership. The brand was acquired by the Volkswagen group and over the years the product has evolved from a low priced mediocre quality to a high quality mid priced brand. It represented good value for the price.


In 2003, Sterling acquired the dealership for a Brazilian Bus Body manufacturer, Caio. The brand is a supplier of bus bodies to DailmerChrysler in Brazil. Sterling has sold the Public Transport Service Corporation Ltd (PTSC) both Mercedes-Benz buses and Caio bus bodies.


In 2006, Sterling acquired the dealership for the SsangYong line. This is a manufacturer from Korea and their specialty is 4×4 vehicles with an emphasis on SUVs and 4×4 pickups.


In 2009, Sterling Service acquired the FIAT dealership. This is a manufacturer in Italy and their specialty is passenger cars and light commercial vehicles.

Sterling Service is committed to supplying the highest quality service along with genuine Mercedes Benz spare parts that meet the demands of today's industry.

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